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    Development tatus of 3D Printing
    03.08.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Nowadays, the development speed of 3D printing is getting faster and faster. Today's editor will give an example of the development of 3D printing. The development speed of 3D printing is not as slow as we imagine, but it is increasing explosively. Some people may know a little about it through news reports, but they are only a few words. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction. Through these examples, we can see the development degree of 3D printing.

    1. Have you ever thought that one day, the meat on your table is not cattle and sheep eating grass, chicken eating grasshoppers drinking dew, or pigs eating cereal grains. Instead, 3D printing technology is used to cut the substitutes into fine fibers to imitate muscle fibers, thus producing "the most authentic" artificial meat. Now, foreign food research companies have launched "steaks" made of peas, seaweed and beetroot juice. Many people have tried to taste them, but they can't tell them clearly. The company plans to land in Spain and Italy in 2021. This has a strong attraction for slimming people, the skills meet the desire of the mouth, but also can reduce the intake of energy. In addition, there are more mature 3D printing ice cream, 3D printing pancakes and other food in the market. Maybe in the near future, 3D printing will appear on your table.

    2. If you drive, it is likely that your car is indirectly related to 3D printing. At this stage, many automobile enterprises, such as BMW and Porsche, use 3D printing to develop parts to enhance the excellent feeling and development speed of cars.

    Compared with luxury cars, too much inventory and manufacturing storage is meaningless, which will increase unnecessary expenses. Manufacturers adopt the method of data inventory, and select 3D printing for some metal and plastic parts. It can maintain the long-term stability of the car in terms of maintenance.

    A phenomenon encountered by many companies is that it is clear that the car has not been driven for a few years, there are often no spare parts to wait for the manufacturer to deliver during maintenance, and the time is not guaranteed. Especially for international brands, the cost is too high and the duration is very long. People who have to travel often have to find other ways to solve the travel phenomenon. Many drivers can not help sighing. If there is 3D printing technology, the use of digital technology, you can quickly make parts out, enhance the sense of brand belonging.

    3. 3D animation printing technology is still more and more popular.

    4. Of course, in addition to this point, the power of 3D printing in the production and processing of the main floor can not be underestimated. The fans you use and toys for children are likely to be made after prototype certification through 3D printing. The lamp case you use is more likely to be made by 3D printing.

    5. One day in the future, maybe you will live in a 3D printing house and look up at the stars. Foreign countries have taken the lead to complete the attempt, and some countries have built 3D printing towns, which have achieved success with the cost advantage of leading traditional buildings. In China, the first successful 3D printing house with local characteristics in Suzhou has been completed.

    At present, there is no standard for large-scale promotion and completion, but I firmly believe that 3D printing will definitely develop rapidly with the promotion of technology. In the future, there may be 3D printing residential buildings, 3D printing villas and even 3D printing buildings. Let your leisure, home, work bring technology experience.

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    6. In the culture and art industry, 3D printing plays an active role in repairing precious cultural relics and promoting arts and crafts. 3D printing of twelve animal heads, 3D printing of terra cotta warriors and horses, etc., has further promoted the wisdom and cultural identity of the ancients to people.

    7. 3D printing is used as an auxiliary treatment tool to reduce the cost of doctor-patient communication and improve the success rate of treatment. More hospitals use 3D printing to achieve orthopedic services to alleviate physical pain.

    8. In terms of education and training, your child is already receiving steam education, which may also include 3D printing. Use the power of 3D printing to hone children's independent innovation ability, logical thinking ability and team cooperation ability.

    9. Various 3D printing manufacturers are still implementing their social responsibilities. For the Red Crowned Crane that lost its beak, it was customized to avoid death. Print prosthetic limbs for children who have lost their arms and let them feel the grip. Let people see the warm side of technology.

    In fact, 3D printing has begun to integrate into our life. As long as we are careful, it is not difficult to find that many things or products have the shadow of 3D printing.

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