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    Customized 3D Printing Headphones for Your Comfort
    03.08.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    At present, 3D printing technology is full of vitality and is in the stage of rapid development. Thanks to the development of 3D printing technology, the production and manufacture of earphones use 3D printing technology, and the brands of customized earphones emerge in endlessly, which has brought enough transformation and development impetus for traditional manufacturing industry.

    Compared with the traditional manufacturing technology, 3D printing technology reduces the cost and material waste by abandoning the production line. The most outstanding advantage of 3D printing technology is that it can directly generate any shape parts from the digital model, so that people can design beautiful and practical items more effectively, greatly shorten the development cycle of products, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. In addition, with good design concept and design process, 3D printing technology can also simplify the production and manufacturing process, and produce and print articles quickly and cheaply.

    People's ears are comparable to fingerprints, and everyone is not exactly the same. However, the earphones on the market are mass-produced, which naturally causes discomfort. For music enthusiasts, to have a suitable headset is a treasure.

    Case 1

    There are three difficulties in the traditional customized earphones. The purchase threshold is high. The traditional customized earphones need to go to the hearing aid store to get ear prints; the production cycle is very long, most of them take more than 30 working days.

    Helloear is an innovative Internet hardware company focusing on ear wear technology, focusing on customized earphones for professional stage. Before the launch of 3D printing custom headphones. Users need to get their ear prints from the hearing aid store and mail them to helloear. After 3D scanning and archiving, they can use 3D printing technology to customize earphones that fit the ears perfectly for users. In terms of time cycle, it can be delivered within 24 hours. In terms of price, 3D printing reduces the price of the same order of magnitude, about 25% lower than the original price.

    Customized 3D Printing Headphones for Your Comfort

    Case 2

    Normal earbugs was founded a few years ago to provide customized 3D printing earphones for customers. Users enter the normal store to scan their ears or generate a 3D model of the user's headphones through the continuous shooting of the mobile app. Then, they choose the resin materials to get the customized headphones through the 3D printer. The customized earphones fit perfectly with the user's ears, which greatly reduces the probability of falling off while obtaining excellent comfort and sound effect. Recently, the resin model of the limited edition earphone will be plated with 14K Rose Gold. It may seem strange to walk down the street with golden earphones, but maybe fashion followers like this kind of personalized "decoration".

    Customized 3D Printing Headphones for Your Comfort-3

    Case 3

    Nowadays, IEM is becoming more and more popular, and with the economy, incentives and performance improvement of resin 3D printing (such as the latest cooperation between formlabs and 3shape), high-quality IEM is more and more affordable. This, in turn, has stimulated greater consumer demand for such devices that offer a unique, professional audio experience. Moondrop's smoothing 2 is the latest example of this: the price of professional quality is lower than that of comparable IEMs of $1000. In fact, some commentators claim that the $320 blessing 2 may redefine the IEM benchmark, with performance comparable to the flagship IEM that costs more than $2000.

    Customized 3D Printing Headphones for Your Comfort-04

    The smoothing 2 uses mass-produced IEM components from heygears technology, in which high-precision, industrial DLP technology and medical grade resins are used to manufacture complex ear shells and high transparency in ear structures, hardness, precision (up to 25um resolution) and precision.

    In general, the added value of enterprise products can be improved by integrating 3D printing technology. At the same time, as an advanced manufacturing technology, the application of 3D printing is gradually moving from the prototype iterative manufacturing to the end product market, so as to enrich the life and choice of users.

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