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    Creative 3-D: Indian Watch Company launched the first 3-D printing Watch
    03.18.2021 | CC Collaborator | News

    Jaipur Watch Company is the only manufacturer of custom watches in India. Recently, they made metal prints from stainless steel and launched India's first batch of 3-D printed watches. Jaipur Watch Company said it chose 3D printing technology because this new technology is the only way to realize their design concept.


    The watch introduced by Jaipur Watch Company is made of Miyota mechanical core 9015 of Japan. The outer dimension of the watch case is 40mm and the thickness is 8mm. The watch strap is made of hand-made leather. The ear size of the watch is 20mm. Sapphire crystal is embedded on the watch, giving the whole series a high-quality appearance.

    Jaipur Watches is known for its creativity, and this time it wants to create a unique concept that has never been overlooked in the Indian market. Gaurav Mehta, founder and CEO of Jaipur Watch Company, said in an interview: We chose to print watches in 3D because it is the only way to achieve the desired results. In the 1990s, 3D printing technology was considered to be applicable only to the production of functional or aesthetic prototypes. Today, precision, repeatability and material range have increased to the extent that 3D printing is considered an industrial production technology.


    Advantages of 3D Printing Watch

    The two main advantages of using 3D printing technology are speed and control. Gaurav Mehta said: "For us, the main advantage of using 3D printing on our watches is freedom. 3D printing is used in rapid prototyping, so it is also a suitable solution for production. It not only provides great freedom in the process of creation, but also provides great convenience in the process of production. 3D printing can reprint new versions in prototyping, which is not feasible in traditional manufacturing methods such as injection moulding.

    Jaipur Watches originally made watches incorporating British pre-pound coins into their designs. They also found ways to fit their existing styles and to write and carve their favorite styles for customers. 3D printed watches are well suited to this custom demand. Nowadays, many people have bought their new 3D printing watches to experience high-tech 3D printing custom watches.