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    Creality a First-class Service Brand of Global 3D Printer Industry with the Purpose of Customer Firs
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    According to the statistics of Prospective Industry Research Institute, the global market of 3D printers will exceed 22 billion US dollars in 2022. As a new technology industry, 3D printing has become the focus of attention. Domestic and foreign 3D printing enterprises have sprung up like mushrooms, and the competition in the field of 3D printing has become increasingly fierce. The competition of an enterprise in the market is directly reflected in product competition, in which price competition is only the lower level competition, while service competition plays an increasingly important role in inter-enterprise competition.

    Consumers in modern society are increasingly pursuing the added value of products, and more and more pursuing the humanistic feelings and user experience in the process of consumption. With the upgrading of consumer service concept and the rapid development of Creative 3D brand in recent five years, Creative 3D insists on providing high quality 3D printers for global users, adhering to the "user first" service concept, and is committed to building a first-class 3D printer service brand in the industry.

    1. Upgrading of Brand Service Concept

    Future market competition is not only product competition, but also enterprise brand service competition. As early as the fifth anniversary of this year, Creative 3D has held a global brand upgrade conference, emphasizing on accelerating the global strategic layout, benchmarking the international industry, creating a model of 3D printing industry, and enhancing brand value. In order to match the company's brand development strategy of "preacher of 3D printing industry", it is conceived that 3D will increase strategic investment in the service field, covering the technical services, product services, sales services and other fields, and bring more convenient, efficient and transparent service system to global users. We will speed up the global service layout and cover a wider range of global users with the service concept of "customer first". We are setting up a European Service Center in Belgium, which covers the whole European market. In the future, we will also set up the Asia-Pacific Service Center and the Americas Service Center.creality-3d-printer-blog-0918-01

    II. Standardization of Service System

    Standardization is the basis of service quality and work efficiency. In terms of service, the core demand of users is high efficiency, convenience and transparency. Creating three-dimensional technology to solve the technical problems of 3D printers through online or door-to-door technical guidance is to better meet the diversified and multi-level needs of consumers, to standardize the service process system, and to form a more efficient service collaboration.

    01 Mature Product System

    After five years of development, Creative 3D has become an internationally renowned 3D printer manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The total production site of the company is nearly 20,000_, with an annual output of more than 500,000 units. It has advanced large R&D centers and 3D printing laboratories. Many modern production lines cooperate with 24-hour uninterrupted professional testing lines and strict quality control system to ensure from the source. Product quality; more than 20 fully independent intellectual property rights 3D printers, have passed CE, FCC, ROHS and other international certification, products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions.

    Technical guidance on line 02

    1. Technologically, our ad hoc service support module for official networks at home and abroad includes common technical operation guidance, slicing software and other information support, operation video tutorials, etc. 2. We disseminate technology content services through e-commerce platform, Weixin, Weibo, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Lingying, official websites at home and abroad, tremble, headline media platform and so on.

    03 Standardized Sales Service

    Service departments have specially formulated the "Customer Service Center Training Manual" to unify the service standards of customer service personnel, standardize daily work, enhance the professional level of creative three-dimensional customer service personnel, and further guarantee the quality of service.

    24-hour customer service response mechanism

    Standardization of etiquette for communicating with customers

    Customer complaint feedback mechanism


    5S "Customer Satisfaction"

    Service Etiquette 1.400 Telephone All-weather Special Line Service (Monday to Sunday 8:30-21:00). 2. To communicate and smile with customers, use polite language; dress concisely and appropriately in door-to-door technical training; apologize to customers and accept customers'good-faith criticism when service errors occur. 3. Actively handle customer consultation issues, without delay and avoidance, and properly solve customer technical services.

    Social service personnel will receive suggestions from domestic and foreign users through pre-sales personnel, e-commerce platform, customers themselves, agent backstage, agent group, e-mail, technology exchange group and 400 telephone calls. We will receive suggestions from domestic and foreign users through telephone, remote video, door-to-door service, technical training, maintenance and repair.

    Response mechanization will classify and deal with all the common problems encountered in the service. The classification of common problems and solutions of the whole service will be standardized and processed, and personalized and special solutions will be provided according to real-time market feedback.

    Humanized management, we will carry out customer's return and exchange management according to the system of return and exchange conditions, return and exchange process, etc. If the return time is stipulated in the contract or in the time stipulated by the e-commerce platform, there is no reason for the e-commerce platform to return and exchange goods within 7 days. Due to the quality of the machine, the application for return can be accepted within 15 days.

    After returning to the normal service of each technician, customers will fill in customer feedback forms such as "Training Service Questionnaire" and "Technical Service Questionnaire" to supervise the service personnel in real time. The technical service department has set up a special feedback group for technical return visits, and regularly carries out a survey on the customers who apply for technical services and their satisfaction.

    creality-3d-printer-blog-0918-03III. Practicalization of Technical Services

    "Practice tells the truth." Only through continuous practice, continuous integration with customer service process and summing up experience and lessons in practice, can service level be continuously improved.

    Customer Practice Cases

    Customer: Mr. Zhang Liming Career: Product Purchaser City: Xiamen Machinery: CR-5S July 7, 2019 (weekend) around 16:30, Mr. Zhang Liming began to use printers, because the machine just bought can not use, so contacted the sales staff, and through the sales staff to the creative three-dimensional Technical Engineer Tian Tao's telephone. Number.

    "Hello, is this a creative three-dimensional technician?"

    "Yes, do you have any questions?"

    "Yes, our company just bought a printer of your CR-5S, but it won't work. We need some technical support from you to teach us how to use it?"

    "Today is Sunday. I'm not in the company now. I'll contact the company to deal with it soon."

    "Our company is in a hurry to get out the samples, because we bought the printer, so we can't take them to open the mould now, if we don't make the samples now. We'll have nothing to hand in when the customers come. Please deal with it as soon as possible.

    In this way, Mr. Zhang and Tian Tao chatted. Originally, customers bought machines to develop proofing. Now they are eager to use machines to drive out samples, but they can't operate them. Based on this emergency, Tian Tao immediately applied for overtime according to the usual company service standards and superior leaders, and conducted a long-distance training through the company platform. In this way, Tian Tao and his customers conducted technical training.

    After solving the customer's emergency, Tian Tao also left his usual work, QQ Wechat, etc. to facilitate the follow-up problems of customers to solve, thus establishing a good relationship with customers, customers bought our CR-10S machine at the end of August. Similar technical service problems can be enumerated. In practice, there may be such and such problems. But Creative Three-dimensional always upholds the service concept of "customer first" and takes "customer satisfaction" as the measurement standard. It constantly summarizes experience and lessons in practice, and constantly improves the service level.

    Summary: In recent years, Creative Three-dimensional will continue to improve the service system, and strive to do the best in all aspects of service. Up to now, Creative Three-dimensional has initially established a service team of nearly 100 people, and formed a domestic and foreign linkage technology service system. In the future, we will also allow users to enjoy Creative Three-dimensional services anytime, anywhere.


    Attachment: Creative Three-Dimensional Technical Service Solution

    For the details of the service, we interviewed Wang Fulin, the head of the customer service department, who gave some answers to some of the customers'concerns.

    1. Create a three-dimensional piece through which to receive and deal with customers'technical problems?

    Domestically, service personnel will receive domestic customers'technical problems through pre-sales personnel, e-commerce platform, customers themselves, agent backstage, technology exchange group and 400 telephone, after-sales service QQ group. Overseas, this part mainly deals with technical service problems through agent group, mail and other ways.

    2. What are the solutions to the technical support and after-sales problems of three-dimensional processing?

    We will use telephone, remote video, training, return and exchange, door-to-door training, repairs and other ways. In the early stage, we will provide technical guidance and solutions to customers through telephone, remote video and on-site training. In the area of after-sales service, due to quality problems, we will return and exchange goods. After-sales of non-quality problems, we will carry out door-to-door maintenance and factory-back maintenance to solve them.

    3. How is the prescription point guaranteed?

    Return and exchange is usually completed within three days after receipt of the goods; return to the factory maintenance from receipt of products to completion of product maintenance testing, the whole process is generally completed within seven days, if there are special circumstances, feedback situation to customers, and feedback completion time.

    4. What role does the technical department play besides technical support?

    On the one hand, it can properly solve various technical problems of users, on the other hand, it is hoped that users can get feedback on the company's products. We also regularly make statistics on these feedback, and timely feedback to R&D departments, so that users can have a sense of participation in the development and design of new products.

    5. What is the actual situation of the company's service now?

    Our company has a rigorous service system for products, and strictly implements the zero tolerance system for product quality. Relatively speaking, there are fewer problems in product after-sales, and more is to deal with some use and technical support.

    6. In the future, what is the plan of three-dimensional after-sales service?

    Recently, we are learning the "Haidilao" service, from the user's point of view, to provide a more comprehensive, more thoughtful and perfect service. By the end of this year, we will set up a three-dimensional European Service Center in Belgium. The service center will serve the whole European customers. In the future, we will also set up Asia-Pacific Service Center and America Service Center, so that global users can enjoy better service for the first time.

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