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    Create3D: 3D printer personalized fashion
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Ganit Goldstein, a graduate of fashion design from bisalier School of art and design in Jerusalem, is committed to a new way of integrating 3D printing technology and fashion, bringing new possibilities to the industry. She uses 3D printers to design customized clothes and accessories, and her works have attracted much attention because of adopting materials rarely seen in the fashion world.


    Garnett Goldstein is engaged in the design of shoes and clothes. He is very interested in the intersection between 3D printing and textiles. He has been using 3D design software. His main work is to combine 3D printing technology with 3D scanning of human body in 3D textiles. Adopting interdisciplinary design method, combining traditional technology with future technology can produce various styles, which can not be realized by other technologies.


    GARNIT Goldstein said that 3D printing clothing means that customized personalized clothing can be produced, which can be changed from large-scale customization to small-scale customization. 3D printing opens up the possibility of different material combinations, and creates a more creative way of work for designers.

    Recently, ganit Goldstein and STRATASYS, a 3D printing manufacturer, launched a series of unique 3D printing woven shoes.


    "Advanced 3D printing technology has opened up endless possibilities for my design, enabling me to print out any design and a series of materials with bright colors at the voxel level, and all the shoes and clothes presented are in one shape," Goldstein said. The ability of 3D printing technology to control any voxel of any pattern enables me to design without boundary. 3D printing and traditional weaving technology combine to create super realistic shoes.

    For aspiring designers, the ability to combine cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship is very exciting. It opens up the freedom of design, not limited by past experience.


    "For me, the key to a good design is to first understand the traditional design method and foundation, and then explore how to use new technology to enhance the essence of traditional methods. 3D printing not only accelerates the design process and reduces the production cost, but also provides the designer with complete design freedom. "Goldstein explained.

    3D printing technology is very popular for the customized functions of fashion industry. For designers, the 3D Printing Revolution provides the possibility to produce more unique and complex products. Integrating 3D printing technology into fashion industry will help to change the mode of production. Through 3D printing technology, designers can quickly, economically and efficiently create avant-garde and personalized design without the limitation of traditional design.

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