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    Creality: How to Improve Material Cycle Performance of 3D Printers
    03.18.2021 | CC Collaborator | News

    Four years ago, Arkema, a developer of special chemicals and advanced materials, announced that it would pay more attention to the research of 3D printing materials. Two years later, the company and Sartomer, a subsidiary of Advanced Liquid Resin Solutions, developed a major investment plan for advanced 3D printing materials. The company currently operates in nearly 55 countries worldwide and works with Carbon in Silicon Valley to help increase the adoption of digital manufacturing and provide Carb with new supply chain models and material recycling performance.


    Dr Joseph de Simone, chief executive and co-founder of Carbon, said: "Arkema has been an important partner for us since the early days of Carbon's founding." "We are very honored to see all the amazing results we have achieved over the years by working together to bring new and innovative materials to the market."

    Carbon uses its innovative digital photosynthesis (DLS) technology (implemented by its proprietary tailoring process) to reshape how we design, design and manufacture polymer products, such as automotive and mobile protection solutions, medical equipment parts, shoes, etc. Since its inception, the company has a similar goal with Sartomer --- promoting innovation to expand resin manufacturing and process technology, so as to make DLS 3D printing components more cost competitive and reliable.


    "We are eager to strengthen our joint efforts to provide our partners and customers with next-generation carbon products and complete solutions to break the way of mass production of parts and accelerate new market opportunities," said Arkema Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thierrille.

    Through the new strategic partnership between carbon emissions and the Arkema Sudomer line of business (through the announcement of investment in venture capital), these two companies will help break the existing supply chain model and provide new technologies to help bring more digital manufacturing to our country.


    With the continuous progress and maturity of 3D printing manufacturing industry, we will continue to see changes in product design and manufacturing methods in various industries. This cooperation between Arkema and Carbon is at the forefront of these changes. According to a press release on partnerships, the overall solution is changing the status of consumer goods, dental and sports markets.

    Earlier this week, Carbon announced that it had received an additional investment of $260 million after a round of growth financing, one of which was Arkema, which invested $20 million in Carbon's growth round. The money will help carbon support its next generation of integrated digital manufacturing platforms, solutions and materials. Because the two companies have similar vision for AM industry, their growing partnership is a good way for them to use advanced material technology to develop their collective pipeline for production and application.

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