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    Creality 3D Printer Accessories Carbon Crystal Silicon Glass Platform
    03.12.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    When using 3D printer, do you have the following problems?

    When printing, we need to paste masking paper or apply solid glue. When we take the model, it is easy to be damaged.

    The solid glue makes it difficult to remove the model, and it is easy to damage the platform if the shovel is not used properly.

    The solid glue has been used for a long time, there are many residues on the platform, and the bottom of the model is not beautiful.

    Next, I'd like to introduce a 3D printing carbon crystal silicon glass platform, so that you can easily solve the above problems. So, what are the advantages of using 3D printing carborundum silicon glass platform?


    1. It's easy to take the mold by hand in one minute. Microporous composite coating, with microporous structure, consumables will be "extruded" due to the reduction of platform temperature and shrinkage of composite microporous composite, so as to realize the easy access performance of the model. After the hot bed cooling is completed, the printing model can be easily removed without using any tools.

    2. High viscosity and strong adsorption. Composite nano molecular coating, after heating, will appear super sticky, so that the print has strong adhesion, do not need to use masking paper, solid glue, etc.

    3. 0.15mm flatness, reduction model. The combination of glass and composite materials, due to the high flatness of the glass and the uniform surface "grid" composite coating, achieves the excellent flatness of the whole platform. The flatness of the printing platform is 0.15mm, so as to eliminate the unevenness of the platform and present the details at the bottom of the model beautifully and vividly.

    4. Wear resistant, scratch resistant, easy to clean. The surface of the composite coating has a thin layer of protective film, which has anti scratch, dust-proof and other properties. After multiple uses, only alcohol or acetone are used for wiping, and the table can become very clean.


    5. High hardness, durable. The combination of chemical toughened glass and surface composite coating technology. The glass flatness is very high and the surface "lattice" composite coating is even, which makes the whole platform excellent flatness. The special coating is inorganic coating, with hardness up to 8 Mohs, exceeding the hardness of aluminum and copper. It can withstand the high temperature of 400 ℃, and can be used repeatedly without performance degradation.

    Creality3d printing carborundum silicon glass platform has three sizes, applicable to three models of 3D printers: ender-3, cr-10s and cr-x. if you need friends, you can contact our customer services.

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