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    Creality 3d: FDM 3D Printer Challenges Hair Printing
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    3d printers can print plastic, metal and even ceramic models, but can they print hair and other things? To solve this problem, the author has tried to print down dandelion, Einstein image and so on, and discussed with user friends.

    During the communication, one of the creators mentioned one thing to me. He said that he had seen a foreigner print out a lion. The lion's hair print out quite naturally. He suggested that I also print one. At that time, the author asked foreigners to print the lion's information. After reading it, I was really heartbeat, so I also printed out one for visitors to visit.



    First, let's see how people print their lions. This information comes from a creator's news on the foreign 3D Printing Nerd column. The way to print the lion's hair is to print a barrel cover on the outside of the lion, and then print it one by one, step by step, in the form of wire drawing. The details of printing are as follows:

    Here's the printed 3D model. It does look like a plastic bucket from the outside, but the outer shell is finally cut off.



    This is what it looks like after cutting. The lion's hair has just woken up and has to be tidied up. As for how to organize it? First you need a hair dryer. Here's what you should pay attention to. The hair dryer should turn on the hot air, and then press the hair back to blow it.


    Lion production completed·····

    creality-3d-printer-27After reading this information, let's sum up again. First of all, it's very difficult to print the fluffy hair without external support. With the support of external objects, consumables can form a bridge at the fulcrums on both sides to pull the strip. If the fulcrums on one side are destroyed, the consumables will sag and cannot be printed. With these printing techniques in mind, we can print.

    First of all, build a model. From the picture above, you can see that the lion's head is covered in a bucket. The outer edge of the barrel and the lion's head are used to form attachment points so that they can be stretched out and printed out by a 3D printer, which is also an important component of printing out the lion's mane. With this technique, there is no need to model hair in trouble.




    Here we need to remind you that printing out these tiny hairs requires a high accuracy for 3D printers. If the accuracy is not good, the printed hairs will melt into a mass. The lion was printed with a creative three-dimensional CR-10S Pro 3-D printer. The size of this 3-D printer is 550*400*650mm, and the printable size is 300*300*400mm.


    CR-10S Pro 3D Printer


    Overall details


    Overall details


    Bristle Details


    Lion Finished...

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