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    Construction Engineering Use Polymer Material to Build Continuous 3D Printing Bridge
    03.18.2021 | CC Collaborator | News

    Recently, a new 3D printing bridge has been completed. It is called Quanzhou Continuous 3D Printing Bridge. It will be installed in the ecological continuous belt of Baiqi Lake in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, in late June. At that time, it will become the second landscape bridge in China built with 3D printing of polymer materials, which can be used by the people.

    creality-3d-printer-01EFFECT DIAGRAM OF QUANZHOU BRIDGE

    Next, let's take a look at the assembly process with me.

    creality-3d-printer-02Quanzhou Bridge is 17.5 meters in length, 3.2 meters in height, 3.2 meters in width and 12 tons in weight. The whole body of Quanzhou Bridge is made of polymer materials using 3D printing technology. Compared with the traditional concrete grouting method, the total manufacturing period of five weeks is shortened by nearly half. The strength is not inferior to that of reinforced concrete at all. It can withstand a pressure of 2,000 Newtons per square metre. That is to say, even if the bridge is full, people need not worry about the strength of the bridge body.


    The design concept of the bridge extracts the artistic conception of the site, mountains, waters, forests, fields and ponds. It takes the streamline of concise and dynamic mountains and waters as its element, and pursues the overlapping visual effect of the undulating mountains in the form of the whole bridge and the form of the railings.



    The bridge is designed in segments and printed in 3D. Each segment is connected by a unique link mechanism, which meets the mechanical requirements of the bridge.creality-3d-printer-05egmental 3D printing, using macromolecule particle materials, directly carries out the segmental 3D printing of bridges.

    creality-3d-printer-06(3) Assembly. Vertical printing is divided into 16 segments and then assembled.(4) Gap treatment in assembly:


    (5) Painting:

    creality-3d-printer-09(6) Paving the pavement:

    creality-3d-printer-10Finally, the bridge was completed.

    creality-3d-printer-11The installation will be completed in late June in the Baiqi Lake ecological belt in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.