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    Chile Using Professional 3D Printer to Produce Copper Mask: Using Copper Ion to Sterilize Seamless a
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    According to foreign media reports, a company in Chile recently produced a copper mask with a professional 3D printer, which has better antibacterial performance than ordinary masks.

    It is understood that copper ion can penetrate into the outer membrane of microorganisms, leading to the loss of important nutrients in pathogenic microorganisms and the interruption of cell metabolism, leading to the death of pathogenic microorganisms, so it is widely used in disinfection and sterilization process.

    Daniel Martinez, researcher of intelligent copper 3D company, said: "this copper mask consists of polymer and 1% nano copper, which is a very small copper powder, in other words, a very small particle. This material exponentially enhances the antibacterial properties of copper. "

    It is reported that the mask is produced by a professional 3D printer. It is seamless and waterproof, with three copper edge filters inside.

    "The cotton filter is reusable and can be cleaned, while the other two filters are disposable, which is equivalent to an N95 mask. In addition, these masks are added with copper, while the ordinary N95 masks are not," said Luz briseno of copper 3D.

    At present, the company has released the design drawings of the mask, and anyone with a professional 3D printer can use the design scheme of the mask free of charge.

    Chile Using Professional 3D Printer to Produce Copper Mask