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    CES2019: Markforged with 3D printer arm
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    The annual International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) was held in Las Vegas on January 8, local time. As the most important first show in the science and technology circle, CES will attract a large number of high-tech enterprises to predict the future direction of science and technology development.

    At CES, 3D printing is a hot topic. Speaking of the word 3D printing, you can think of a 3D printer that you've ever seen making the same model as the traditional process. With the development of 3D printing technology, 3D printing has gained economic benefits in high value and additional industries such as aerospace, military, medical and so on. At present, 3D printing technology is in a rapid development stage, various kinds of 3D printer manufacturers are emerging. The 3D printing technology displayed at the exhibition is striding towards maturity, scale, practicality and ease of use.

    Markforged, an American manufacturer of carbon fiber desktop metal 3D printers, is one of the leading carbon fiber Companies in the world, focusing on the development of high-performance final-use components for 3D printing. At CES 2019, Markforged demonstrated the pioneering three-dimensional printer arm, which was introduced mainly thanks to Markforged's two technologies: CFF and ADAM.


    Markforged's 3D printer arm

    At present, Markforged 3D printer models include Onyx One/Pro, Mark Two, Mark X and so on. Among them, METAL X, X7 and MARK TWO are representative. They are metal printers, continuous carbon fiber printers of industrial precision level and continuous carbon fiber printers.

    Taking Mark X as an example, Mark X's 3D printing material uses the patented technology of Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF) and adopts two 3D printing sprinkler designs. One is nylon material, the other is reinforced material added on this basis, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, polyester fiber, onyx, etc., to make 3D printing. The finished parts have stronger performance, higher smoothness and faster speed. Mark X can therefore be used in automotive, robotic, prosthetic and sports equipment industries.

    creality-3d-printer-37Markforged 3D Printing Composites

    Unlike other 3-D printer manufacturers, Mark X uses Markforged to develop a new 3-D printing process: Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM). This technology solves the processing problem of hollow parts. By controlling the printing process, the hollow mechanism with external stable shape can be formed directly. It does not need to be removed from the parts as traditional processing. It has advantages when used for lightweight parts. So the main steps of 3D printing process using ADAM technology are three steps: the printer makes metal powder and other raw materials into the designed shape, the cleaning machine removes wax from raw materials, and the metal is formed by sintering furnace.

    In terms of hardware, Maarkforged's 3D printer features an all-aluminium fuselage and a dynamic platform connection. Markforged sets industry standards for manufacturing quality and industrial design. Their printers are equipped with fully enclosed moulding rooms, super-silent motion systems and moderately controlled material storage. They perform the same in offices and factory workshops. At the same time, each 3D printer, scrubber and furnace is equipped with cloud-connected software Eiger and 4.3-inch touch screens. Regular wireless updates allow users to use the latest technology in a timely manner. Material usage tracking and material missing detection help monitor users'printers and reduce waste.

    In terms of software, Eiger has automated version control, instant management, and cloud collaboration. Cloud software platform can also allow users to have a high degree of control over the final characteristics of finished parts. Through automated analysis, Eiger enables users to optimize part strength, weight and printing time without modifying the design.

    Quick comment: 3D printing is a future industrial revolution. It is expected that in the future, the traditional processing technology will be replaced by the products of this new era. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of 3D printing technology and the increasing variety of 3D printing materials, it will create more possibilities for our life.

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