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    Buy 3D Printer | 10 Basic Advantages
    03.12.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    With the development of technology, 3D printing is no longer like science fiction, but more like a tool that has been used in various industries. What are the essential benefits of 3D printing? In this article, whether you are the CEO of a large company or the end user interested in it, you will get the most comprehensive answer.

    Industry advantage

    Based on the existing evidence, 3D printing is becoming more and more capable. Now, it is used in aerospace, automobile, architecture, biomedicine, engineering, education, design, especially large-scale manufacturing and other industries. What are the benefits of 3D printing for these industries?

    1. Put on the market faster

    3D printing can realize your idea faster than traditional prototyping. After the CAD file is completed, all tasks can be handed over to the 3D printer. Prototyping usually takes days or weeks to complete the whole manufacturing process, while 3D printing can make the whole process complete in hours. For enterprises, time is money, which means that the sooner the final product enters the market, the product may conquer a larger market.

    2. Develop your business at less cost

    Traditional prototyping will consume more labor cost, because all production and molding need to be completed manually. However, the small partner 3D printer can make the whole process run automatically, thus putting the required model on the printing platform of the 3D printer. In a word, 3D printing can greatly reduce costs by reducing labor costs.

    3. Free customization design

    The traditional prototype can make a large number of copies of the same object, but it needs to make mold in advance. The mold is fixed and it is impossible to make the design process flexible. Instead, 3D printing allows endless customization of shape, color, texture and mechanical properties.

    4. Better quality proves your advantages

    No one can deny the weakness of traditional prototype design, because it can easily lead to bad design or wrong final product. There is an old Chinese saying: "small mistakes lead to big ones. A slip can cause lasting grief. For 3D printing, higher quality objects appear in a simpler way. 3D printing makes it easy to assemble objects step by step, which ensures enhanced design and ultimately higher quality objects.

    5. Reduce risks to ensure the production process

    In product development, design verification is an essential step before choosing expensive molding tools. 3D printing enables designers to implement their design concepts in a safer way, because 3D printing provides designers with the possibility of easily correcting errors.

    Personal benefits

    As early as October, creality 3D has swept all creality users around the world with 3D printer gifts. During the campaign, various 3D models of participants popped up in Facebook inboxes and official mailboxes.

    1. Cultivate your interests

    Why start 3D printing? The reason for Top1 must be curiosity. What is 3D printing? How does it work? What should I do? The more answers you get to these questions, the more interest and enthusiasm you will show in 3D printing. As time goes on, you are developing yourself into a professional 3D printing manufacturer. For most creality 3D users, ender-3 is their cornerstone, enabling them to understand the various components of 3D printers and how to do DIY upgrades to improve performance. Curiosity gradually developed into a hobby, even a skill.

    2. Release all your creative potential

    3D printing is fun. With a 3D printer, you can create all the attractions. What a lovely Halloween it would be if your child wore a 3D printed mask! If your house is decorated with 3D printed objects, Thanksgiving will be very impressive! How excited you will be when you finish 3D printing of iron man clothing! It's actually a great time when you're idle on a 3D printer, and it's amazing that you're becoming more and more creative and able to turn every idea into reality.

    3. Start your own business with 3D printer

    How can you make more money without looking for a second job? It can be predicted that a supply chain centered on 3D printing is taking shape. You can make money by processing 3D printing jobs for people who place orders online. In addition, the most common approach for individual manufacturers is to create and sell designs or final prints in the online community.

    4. Enjoy the sense of achievement

    A sense of achievement is one of the best because it is rooted in the self. When we can accomplish something, our self-esteem will soar. Obviously, high-quality 3D models take a long time, a lot of patience and good professionalism. What our users did surprised creativity 3D, such as Dale's life size terminator and Jeffrey's wearable iron clothing. A sense of achievement brings more motivation to achieve our other goals and more creativity to create better 3D model design.

    Factual evidence of all benefits

    In October. 2019, creality 3D held a Facebook gift event. Our Facebook inbox and email pop up a lot of final photos sent by creality 3D users around the world. There are two impressive stories about the impact of 3D printers on education.

    Ryan Unruh from Iowa is the father of two children. He has an ender-3 printer and has been a member of our creality users for more than a year. In this event, he shared his first 3D print photo, which is from creality ender-3, as well as many other print photos, such as carefully designed vases. The most meaningful 3D printing he shared was a continuous 3D model of the terrain of the United States, which was made specifically for his daughter, who is learning about the earth we live on.

    Mohd nadzir from Malaysia is teaching 3D printing courses to help local teenagers develop more professional skills. For students, they will learn everything they need to design and print their work in 3D, and the content of desktop 3D printing. So far, they have made small decorative models with creality ender-3.

    In addition, there are news reports that Julius maada bio, President of Sierra Leone, has applied the credit 3D ender-3 pro to the development of national education. They demonstrated the distribution of school-age girls who were not enrolled in school on a 3D map model with detailed dates produced by the 3D printer ender-3 pro. Therefore, 3D printing model plays an important role in other data-driven dialogues and practical teaching practice.

    Can you benefit from Creality 3D?

    Since its establishment in 2014, creality 3D has accumulated more than 5 years of experience in the research, production and trading of 3D printers. Our factory has passed BSCI and ISO certification, covering an area of 20000 square meters and annual production capacity of more than 500000 units. Composed of professional researchers and skilled engineers, our R & D team constantly pursues quality and excellence. Our products have passed CE, FCC and ROHS standards certification, and have been exported to more than 80 countries, including but not limited to France, the United States, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Egypt and India, bringing technological innovation into all walks of life.

    Creality 3D focuses on the service concept of "customer first", aiming to provide the most thoughtful services for users in China and other regions of the world. If you are a beginner, creality 3D can provide you with entry-level 3D printers, such as ender-3, CR-10 and ender-5. If you are an intermediate user, it is recommended that you use CR-10 V2, which is an upgraded version of CR-10. Creality 3D is here to provide you with the best solution whenever your 3D printer encounters technical problems.

    Create reality and realize dreams!

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