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    Application of 3D Printing | Creality 3D
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Go deep into industry scenarios and customize solutions

    Creality 3D products are widely used in all walks of life. With deep R & D strength and industry application experience, we can provide standard 3D printing products and personalized customized comprehensive solutions according to the industry characteristics and needs of customers, and receive maker education.

    Recognition and favor of 3D printing market audiences such as enterprise factories, advertising industry, designers, 3D printing enthusiasts, etc,

    Let creative design become a physical object, more intuitive and effective verification of the purpose of 3D printing.

    Maker Education

    The development of 3D printing technology and educational application are complementary and mutually promoting. On the one hand, 3D printing can make students experience a more intuitive and perceptual cognitive learning style, increase the fun of learning, improve the teaching effect, and strengthen the creativity of students.


    Product development

    Nowadays, many products can be printed by 3D printer. In the process of product design and sample, the communication is complex and the confidentiality is low. Moreover, the traditional handcrafts are lack of precision and detail, and the physical properties can not be truly restored, which leads to the impact of evaluation results.


    Mould manufacturing

    The customer will print the three-dimensional drawing of the mold to be opened into the real object through the 3D printer, and open the mold after confirming the satisfaction. Quickly turn files into real objects, which reduces a lot of work and greatly saves unnecessary costs.


    Medical industry

    3D printing has been used more and more in the medical field. Because of the shortage of organ donation and the serious rejection after operation, the traditional medical methods have been unable to meet the needs of organ transplant patients; 3D printing technology is emerging.


    3D Portrait Gallery

    As people want to experience the increasing popularity of 3D photography, they want to try to make a smaller version of themselves. Many keen investors see the broad market prospects and business opportunities of 3D photography studio, hoping to establish a new 3D photography studio for operation.


    Personalized customization

    3D printing is known because it can provide personalized customization. With the increase of free design and open-source 3D printing technology, the application of 3D printing in the civil field will spread rapidly. We can see all kinds of decorations, daily necessities, earrings, toy planes, mugs, doorknobs, iPhone shells, wearable shoes, etc., which can be customized for customers through 3D printing.


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