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    Application of 3D printer in Denture
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    As a high-tech, 3D printing has brought a wide range of changes to the traditional manufacturing industry. Many countries and regions have promoted the development of 3D printing industry and its application in all walks of life by laws. As a preacher of 3D printing industry, the products of 3D printing have been applied in many industries. So what is the application of 3D printing technology in the dental denture field? What are the steps?

    1. Take out the mold by mouth sweeping.
    2. Software design and data repair → data import into printer and start printing.
    3. Model curing treatment.
    4. Take out the finished die shape and sort and check the die according to the customer information.
    5. Upper die press.
    6. Remove the braces and treat the burrs.
    7. Produce the finished braces and adjust the mouth.creality-3d-printer-lcd-003-r-01


    Among them, the printing of tooth model is done by 3D printer. In general, a patient with invisible braces needs about 30-40 sets of braces. If the traditional processing method is used, it is impossible to tailor and mass produce the correction model for the patient in a short time. As a kind of digital forming technology book, 3D printing can transform any digital design into a real object, while 3D printing technology just meets the two conditions of personalization and mass production. 3D printer has low cost and short cycle for making dental model, and it also improves the quality and precision of dental implant parts, which brings great convenience for dental model making.


    The 3D printer ld-002r is widely used in denture dentistry. This 3D printer uses light curing technology to print dental models and photosensitive resin as printing materials. Ld-002r 3D printer supports digital modeling, which can make the size of dental model more accurate, assist doctors to complete more suitable invisible braces, and make patients wear more comfortable.

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