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    Advantages of 3D Printer in Mold Manufacturing
    03.11.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    With the development of industry 4.0, China's manufacturing industry develops more and more rapidly from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". As the mother of industry, mold manufacturing industry is an industry with the largest span, which has relations with all fields of manufacturing industry. In recent years, the mold market has been constantly breaking through in technology. As a high-tech, 3D printing technology has also been widely used in China's manufacturing industry. 3D printers provide efficient and low-cost support for mold design and manufacturing.


    There are many advantages to make mold with 3D printing:

    1. Shorten mold production cycle

    Shorter production cycle: compared with the traditional production mode, the injection molding process can realize the batch manufacturing of items with the same shape, so it is very suitable for the large-scale standardized product manufacturing. 3D printing can print raw materials into physical models and even directly manufacture parts or molds by inputting 3D images through the control terminal, thus effectively shortening the product development cycle. 3D printing mold shortens the whole product development cycle and becomes the source of driving innovation.

    2. Manufacturing cost reduction

    As far as traditional manufacturing is concerned, the more complex the object shape, the higher the manufacturing cost and the longer the manufacturing time. However, the marginal cost of 3D printing for manufacturing complex structures is almost zero. It does not take more time, skills or costs to produce a complex object than to print a simple block, which breaks the traditional way of calculating manufacturing cost in manufacturing industry.


    3. Small scale, customization and diversification

    The cost of 3D printing is relatively insensitive to the scale. A 3D printer can print all kinds of shapes to meet the needs of any industry. Therefore, it is not necessary to design special mold and configure special production equipment like traditional manufacturing. Therefore, 3D printing is more suitable for the production of small-scale, customized and diversified products, thus changing the supply and demand relationship of traditional manufacturing, and realizing highly personalized production according to customer demand.

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