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    Advantages of 3D Printer
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    What are the advantages of 3D printers? When this technology is introduced into China, 3D printer technology has been developed by experts, so that everyone can enjoy the convenience of 3D printing. At the same time, the advantages of 3D printer model production have become more obvious. Compared with the traditional complex steps, the advantages can be listed as follows:

    1. There is no additional charge for making chaotic objects. As far as traditional manufacturing is concerned, the more disordered the object style, the higher the manufacturing cost. For 3D printers, the cost of making disorderly objects will not be increased. It takes no more time, technology, or cost to make a bright object out of a messy pattern than to print out a simple box. Making chaotic projects without increasing cost will break the traditional pricing method and affect the way we calculate manufacturing costs.

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    2. The 3D printer has the advantages of safety and health, high reliability coefficient, long service life and high stability of industrial nozzle. With professional dust filtering facilities, to build a healthy, safe and clean printing environment, easy to operate! High precision, simple post-processing! The workbench is very large, and there is no style limit to print out the model.

    3. Product diversity does not increase costs. 3D printers can print many styles, and each time they can make different styles like a craftsman. The traditional manufacturing equipment has less functions and limited styles and varieties. 3D printing saves the cost of training technicians or purchasing new equipment. 3D printers only need a different blueprint of data and some new raw materials.

    4. 3D printer support materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, easy to take out, no manual operation, water, support materials can be cleaned up. It is helpful to finish the post-processing work quickly and simply, and enhance the design freedom of hollow structure and suspended structure.

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    5. No assembly required. Three dimensional printing can integrate parts. Traditional mass production comes from assembly lines in which machines produce similar parts, which are then assembled by robots or workers. The more parts a product has, the more time and cost it takes to assemble it. The 3D printer can print the door and support hinge at the same time according to the layered manufacturing without installation. Removal of installation shortens the supply chain and saves labor and transportation costs. The shorter the supply chain, the less pollution sources.

    6. It can reasonably solve the manufacturing requirements of 3D printers which can respond to the market rapidly, and is conducive to the design, verification and correction of product problems, and the improvement of process manufacturing scheme. It can also meet the requirements of small batch production, easily respond to the customized requirements of consumers, control costs and avoid risks.

    With the development of 3D printing industry, the advantages of 3D printer can be more displayed, which will better serve our life. Creative 3D also contributes to the development of 3D printing in China.

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