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    3D printing supplies strike? What is the reason?
    03.08.2021 | Aiden W | News

    In the process of 3D printing model, due to various reasons, consumables will suddenly stop extrusion. What causes this phenomenon? How can we solve it? We will discuss the common causes one by one and provide suggestions to solve the problem.

    3D printing supplies strike What is the reason-01

    (Printing continues, but no more discharging)

    1. Depletion of consumables
    Solution: replace consumables

    Note: this situation is obvious, but when checking other problems, first make sure whether there are consumables fed into the extruder. If the consumables in the wire coil are exhausted, you need to install a new one before printing.

    2. Consumables and drive gear slipping
    Solution: ① increase the printing temperature. ② Reduce printing speed. ③ Check whether the nozzle is blocked. ④ The Teflon tube was carbonized in the throat. ⑤ Replace the Teflon tube.

    3D printing supplies strike What is the reason-02

    During the printing process, the extruder motor will rotate continuously to push the consumables into the nozzle, so that your printer can continuously extrude the consumables. If you try to print too fast, or if you try to squeeze out too many supplies, you may cause the motor to gouge out some of the supplies until the drive gear can't hold the supplies. If the extruder motor is rotating, but the consumables do not move, then this is probably the reason. Then, in accordance with the corresponding solutions to the investigation on the line.

    3. Nozzle clogging

    Solution: ① manually push the consumables into the extruder. ② Re install consumables. ③ Clean the nozzle.

    If not, the nozzle is likely to be blocked. If this happens during the printing process, you may need to check that the wire is clean and there is no dust on the coil. Enough dust on the wire may cause the nozzle to block during printing. There are also some other possible reasons for the nozzle blockage, then, according to the corresponding solutions to check the line in turn.

    4. Extruder motor drive overheating

    Solution: wait for the motor to cool down and restart printing

    Note: in the printing process, the extruder motor load is very large, it continues to rotate back and forth, push and pull consumables forward and backward. These fast movements require a lot of current, and if the printer's circuit does not heat effectively, the motor drive circuit may overheat. This kind of motor drive usually has overheat protection. When the temperature is too high, it will make the motor stop working. When this happens, the motor of XY axis will rotate and move the nozzle, but the motor of extruder will not move at all. The only way to solve this problem is to turn off the printer and make the circuit cool down. If the printing time is very long, you can let the machine rest for an hour after printing, reduce the temperature of the motherboard, and start printing again after cooling.

    The above is the relevant solution, hope to help you. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service.

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