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    3D Printing Open Source Microscope That Everyone Can Use
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Microscope is an indispensable tool for scientific research and medicine, but because of its high price, only countries and regions with better economic conditions can afford it, and general educational institutions can't afford it. For this reason, Joel Collins and Richard from the University of bath in the UK have proposed a solution for 3D printing to produce an open source microscope.

    Joel Collins and Richard used 3D printing to create open source microscopes for less than $20 to provide effective solutions to schools, laboratories and universities.

    3D Printing Open Source Microscope That Everyone Can Use-01

    Making high-end microscopes can cost hundreds of dollars. However, one of the main advantages of 3D printing is that it can reduce the cost of small batch production. Whether in terms of initial cost or equipment maintenance, openflex is a microscope that everyone can use. For just $18, it can cover the cost of printing plastic, cameras and some mounting hardware. Joel Collins explained: "this kind of microscope is cheap to make, and can be afforded by ordinary families and organizations. We hope that these microscopes can be used all over the world, such as schools, laboratories, clinics and even families. "

    3D Printing Open Source Microscope That Everyone Can Use

    Openflexure is a fully automatic laboratory instrument, which has the functions of electric positioning sample and automatic focusing control. In addition to its main functions, you can customize it with reflective and falling light illumination, polarization contrast imaging and falling light fluorescence imaging. It has an intuitive software interface and is easy to use. Its design method makes it suitable for small space such as school or family.

    The main feature of openflexure is that it allows local assembly using the open source model. It's worth mentioning that the microscope's body is made up of raspberry pie. So it's open source for most people, and it can be used by people with ideas to conceive new things. At the same time, the pictures observed by the mirror body will also be saved and can be transferred to the mobile phone or computer for permanent viewing.

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    To date, more than 100 openflex microscopes have been manufactured in Tanzania and Kenya, demonstrating the feasibility of complex hardware conceptualized in one part of the world and manufactured elsewhere.

    Since the epidemic, people's interest in 3D printers has increased dramatically. Many projects have sprung up around the world to develop low-cost, open-source 3D ventilator or ventilator parts to solve the global shortage. It is believed that these open-source microscopes for 3D printing can also greatly help people in their daily life or learning.

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