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    3D Printing News Brief
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News
    Probe into the cutting-edge 3D printing industry, know about the latest news event happening in 3D printing industry and its related fields. In this week’s news brief, we are talking about industry technology development and upcoming CREALITY events.

    3D Printed Sensors to the Key of a Seamless Internet of Things
    3D printing, as a rapidly developing technology, has been providing great potential value to more fields such as science, manufacturing, and even everyday settings. A recently experimented 3D printed objects with graphene, which could prove to be the final key in unlocking nanomaterial-based sensors for the IoT (the Internet of Things), another evolving industry in the era of Industry 4.0.

    The use of conductive ink — an ink for 3D printing infused with conductive materials such as copper, silver, and gold — can enable us not only to convenientlypprint electronics, but to also remove the constraints of the traditional 2D circuit board. It can consolidate and speed up the creation of IoT sensors, contributing a way to achieve seamless sensor-based IoT.
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    NASA: 3D Printing Recycled Material in Orbit

    According to the report, NASA is conducting long-term research with International Space Station (ISS) to help prepare astronauts as they take the next steps in human space exploration. One of the important project MIS Recycler is for reprocessing plastic into 3D printing filament to create new items in microgravity. The Recycler is a facility designed to convert polymer waste and 3D printed objects back into a feedstock that could be loaded into the commercial printer in orbit. Once it achieves more fundamental achievements, it will be essentially practical and useful for deep space exploration when going to Mars.
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    Expectation to Transplant 3D Printed Bionic Pancreas

    Wszola, a Polish-born specialist and creator of the first bionic pancreas with microvasculature, has been the 3D bio-printing project for a bionic pancreas, an organ that could enable people with diabetes to attain normal functions and will also replace the need for chronic insulin therapy. With the solid foundation that has been gained in recent years, Wszola and his team are so optimistic about the prospect of transplanting bioprinted bionic pancreas in three to five years.
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