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    3D Printing Jewelry Enables You to be a Jeweler
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News
    Gold jewelry has always been loved by people. This high-end jewelry requires workmanship and design in order to conquer the consumer market. With the gradual maturity of 3D printing technology, jewelry manufacturers have begun to utilize this technology. Some brand manufacturers also have applied 3D printing technology to the molding process of gold jewelry.
    In this article, the detail process of 3D printing jewelry will be comprehensively introduced.

    First, designers need to design 3D digital models of ornaments and jewelry with professional 3D slicing software. For those customized design, designers have to scan the real jewelry to get accurate dimensions, facet distribution and 3D structure data. Thus, the template can be conveniently fetched to fix it position and virtual assemblies during the CAD start-up phase.

    Second, export the 3D model designed in the CAD software to a 3D printer for quick and accurate printing of the wax pattern.

    Third, reverse mold. The old lost wax casting method is generally used, including wax tree, gypsum plaster, baking gypsum, casting, gypsum mold frying and washing, and shear casting.

    Forth, modify mold. The process has to be done manually. Designers push back and forth on the surface of the jewelry with a special file. This process requires certain techniques.

    Fifth, choose gems, diamonds, and inlaid stones, inlaid with a microscope.

    Sixth, polishing. Make sure the metal surface is as bright as a mirror. Finally, the laser marking device is used to perform the engraving process at the specified position.

    Finally, inspect the appearance, structure, and surface.

    With 3D printing technology, the jewelry industry seems to be rapidly entering a new era. But it must be pointed out that technology has not been able to catch up with traditionalhandicraft. Even if you can achieve all kinds of difficult designs and make accurate and accurate models, jewelry works will still need craftsmen to carry out the steps of gem setting and polishing in the later stage. This requires craftsmen to have exquisite craftsmanship. Otherwise, the works may not reach a high level.