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    3D Printing Industry Contacts More Fields
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    3D printer can be used not only in industry, but also in medicine and scientific research.

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    One: Recently, American doctors have developed a highly printable bio ink as a platform for generating anatomic functional tissues. It uses hydrogel and other biomaterials to fuse it with cells and growth factors, and then print out tissue like structures that mimic natural tissue. One application of this technique is to design bone grafts for patients.

    Second: according to the report of Russian satellite news agency Moscow on May 19, the Russian University of science and technology has been developing space 3D printers. The University's press office reported that the first prototype could operate in space and could print particularly hard and light parts directly on the international space station using composite materials, which will be completed by the end of 2020. Russia will build Aerospace prototypes based on the test results and deliver them to the international space station by the end of 2021 as planned.

    Third: scientists from California University have developed an expandable foam 3D printing material, which is mainly used to expand the material to achieve the increase of printing objects. In other words, while printing out smaller items, it then uses heat to catalyze the expansion of the item, which in turn makes it larger. In fact, this material technology is a material between 3D printing and 4D printing. The so-called 4D printing material refers to the memory function of the material itself, which is triggered by a signal to change its shape.

    Nowadays, 3D printer is also used by more and more industries, and its development speed is obvious in recent years. It is expected that China will also have a new breakthrough.

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