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    3D Printing for Rapid Manufacturing of Outdated Racing Parts
    03.08.2021 | Aiden W | News

    As a new technology of parts manufacturing, 3D printing can improve the efficiency and accuracy of parts manufacturing and reduce the cost to a certain extent. Its technology itself is still in continuous development.

    Recently, the novel coronavirus infection caused by the outbreak of pneumonia affected the supply chain crisis of automotive parts and components. Many automobile and parts enterprises are trying to solve this problem. Some enterprises start 3D printing manufacturing, which has become one of the solutions to the problem.

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    3D printing technology can not only through rapid prototyping, but also through rapid manufacturing of high-performance parts to provide customers with the greatest advantage of additive manufacturing. With the initial investment, industrialists can see substantial savings and have the ability to innovate to remove the constraints of old technologies. These benefits have attracted the attention of tecron, a European company known for its manufacturing and engineering services in the automotive industry.

    3D printing technology can improve the production of high-performance parts needed for old racing cars that tecron is currently working on. Metal 3D printing provides an opportunity for tecron to make a transformation, especially by working with one of their most important customers, the SIV kodamotor, to simplify the production of the original discontinued racing carburetor.

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    One of the most exciting advantages of 3D printing is embodied in tecron's collaboration with SHM kodamotor - the ability to create parts that may be obsolete and almost impossible to find, and in the absence of design, the original dies used in traditional die casting methods have long been lost. The tecron design team can not only afford to copy the original racing car assembly, but also modify the structure for better optimization and 3D scan the original parts of other cars for better reconstruction and maintenance.

    In another study, the Czech Aerospace Research Center (vzlu) worked with tecron to prototype and test new parts. The engineer's task is to create a new wing design and face the challenge of finding an inexpensive method. Prototype design may require extensive (and expensive) measures for applications such as aerospace, and vzlu recognizes that different advanced technologies are required to create complex models, such as its innovative nozzle design.

    The slits in the design improve the overall performance of the wing, which is critical to the success of the process, and splitting the design into several more manageable parts can have a negative impact on performance. Compared with traditional production methods, 3D printing technology can quickly complete their highly customized design, and is more cost-effective.

    3D printing technology has been put into use in automobile, aircraft and other fields, and will be innovated and developed on a large scale in the future. At present, 3D printing will certainly not replace the traditional manufacturing industry, but compared with the traditional manufacturing industry, 3D printing has obvious advantages: for 3D printers, the cost of manufacturing complex shaped items does not increase, and manufacturing a complex shaped object will not consume more time, skills and costs than a simple square. Manufacturing complex items without increasing costs will break the traditional pricing model and change the way we calculate manufacturing costs.

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