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    3D Printers as Homely as Mobile Phones which Even Cooler than Mobile Phones
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    On June 21, we will officially receive the crowdfunding payment from KickStarter platform, which also means that the preliminary work of this overseas crowdfunding will be finished, and the subsequent shipment will be delivered according to the previous scheduled time.

    During the crowdfunding period, CR-6 se 3D printers continuously exceeded our expectations, not only in terms of sales performance, but also in the enthusiasm of everyone. It constantly stimulates discussion, so that there are suggestions worth adopting in the use scenarios and product optimization. We feel that we should give more feedback to users. After discussion between the crowdfunding group and the company, CR-6 se motherboard was upgraded from 8-bit to 32-bit.

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    On the pledgebox website, a questionnaire survey on users supporting CR-6 se project during crowdfunding period is being carried out to collect user information, facilitate subsequent delivery and carry out accessory marketing. As of yesterday, more than 8000 supporters have completed the questionnaire survey, with a completion rate of nearly 80%.

    The crowdfunding activity of CR-6 Se on KS platform has ended, but the small partners who missed the crowdfunding preferential price are not sorry at all. On the pledgebox platform, the crowdfunding team has put on shelves 14 kinds of accessories related to the products: nozzle, hot bed board, Teflon tube and thermal insulation cover, including cr-6se and cr-6max. Users who have previously passed the printer on KS platform can purchase them on pledgebox. To our delight, we can still enjoy the preferential price of crowdfunding until July 10.

    In recent days, the staff put on a new 0.2mm nozzle. This product was not originally on the shelf accessories list. However, in the recent user survey, we constantly receive feedback from users, who said that they need to buy a 0.2mm nozzle. The crowdfunding team listened to and adopted the user's suggestions and put this accessory on the shelf as soon as possible.

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    In 2020, the crowdfunding amount of more than 30 million will create a sales miracle of the KS crowdfunding platform 3D printer category. This crowdfunding project is the first important attempt of c-3d overseas. Not only has CR-6 se 3D printer become a practical and easy-to-use representative in Geek's eyes, but also a large number of operational breakthroughs made during crowdfunding have become a reference template for learning in the industry. This is the constant exploration of Chuang Xiang as an industry preacher in the field.

    As a niche category, 3D printers were originally exclusive to senior enthusiasts. As geek spirit is more and more respected by the younger generation, in their view, 3D printers are as homely as mobile phones, even cooler than mobile phones, and can easily realize their design dreams.

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