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    3D printer manufacturers print N95 masks during the outbreak-Creality3D
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Under the influence of the epidemic, hospitals and anti epidemic workers lack masks, and 3D printers can be produced to make masks to protect against the epidemic. Copper3d, the manufacturer of 3D printing materials, said that copper3d shared the open-source STL files of N95 masks online, aiming to mobilize 3D printing manufacturers, makers and other organizations or individuals to make N95 masks.


    Many scientists have expressed great support for this 3D printing mask, and now copper3d has applied for a patent. Copper3d's 3D printing mask uses a modular filtering system of copper nanocomposites, which has been proved to be effective in blocking viruses. The mask needs to be printed in several parts and then assembled into a finished mask. It can be cleaned and reused.


    Daniel Martinez, director of innovation at copper3d, said in an interview: the current new crown epidemic has led to the collapse of distribution chains around the world. After learning that 3D printers can print masks, we immediately started to work. It will take about two hours to print masks. The 3D printer can run 24 hours a day without interruption, so that a large number of masks can be manufactured in a short time.


    N95 respirator provides protection for workers at the front line of the epidemic, and can filter particles in the air more than 95%. Compared with the traditional disposable respirator, it can reduce the risk of pollution more effectively. However, N95 respirator is in short supply at present. Although the protective effect of 3D printing mask is not as good as that of traditional production mask, it is also a good choice in the face of emergency. This is also the original intention of our company to share the STL files of masks online. We hope more people will participate in printing and contribute to the epidemic.

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