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    3D Printer Making Lamps and Lanterns Creates the Beauty of Creativity
    03.09.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    Nowadays, 3D printing technology is more and more widely used in architecture, medical treatment, industrial design and many other fields. In addition, the 3D printing technology of "Turning Ordinary into magic" and artistic creativity can also collide with many different fireworks. In fact, 3D printing has already emerged in lamp making, and foreign architectural designer Serena Fanara adheres to the concept of environmental sustainability, and has produced many innovative works with 3D printing technology.

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    Serena fanara is very talented in art. When she went to university in Florence, she began to create interesting furniture products and launched Sefa design by nature brand in 2015. She met a 3D printer by chance. She combined her professional knowledge with 3D printing technology to design and produce small fixtures, especially lamps and lanterns. In this process, her identity as an architectural designer is very beneficial, because she is very familiar with 3D printing modeling software.

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    Compared with traditional technology, they can make their own design more freely and faster, customize lamps and components, rapid prototyping, improve visual appeal and function, and reduce costs, and can make on-demand, avoid waste and save costs. At present, they design and produce many products, including furniture accessories, jewelry, lighting series and so on.

    Serena fanara's design has always been inspired by plant forms, believing that natural plants can convey harmony, and hopes to redefine them in their work. Through Serena fanara's works, we can see her creativity in lamps and other special shapes of creation. Through 3D printing technology, she tries to bring her ideas to the extreme and create objects that convey beautiful feelings, so as to achieve a high degree of unity between beauty and practicality.

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    Serena fanara used to design and produce products using traditional technology. From a production point of view, 3D printing technology is a turning point for Serena fanara's work. Because 3D printing technology can make models with very complex shapes, it can easily change the size, shape and color of products in the design process. For designers, it can quickly and effectively verify their design and put forward more fantastic concepts.

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