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    3D printer into toy manufacturing - a new business model
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    As the driving technology of a new round of industrial revolution, 3D printing is bound to cause a new round of changes and fluctuations in major manufacturing industries. 3D printing makes three-dimensional objects by adding materials layer by layer, fully integrates information, materials, biology, control and other technologies, and makes important changes to manufacturing production mode and human life style. So what role will 3D printing play in toy manufacturing?

    3D printer into toy manufacturing

    With the development of society and the upgrading of consumption structure, people are pursuing diversified and personalized products, and new, strange and customized products are becoming more and more popular. Innovative design, shortening product R & D cycle, reducing cost and accelerating new product release speed can make rapid response to the fast and changing market demand, and can obtain considerable market share and profit in the market competition. All should be based on the "fast" and "new" production standards. 3D printing technology can undoubtedly help enterprises cope with the changing tastes of consumers.

    The application of 3D printing technology in toy industry is mainly in the following aspects:

    1. Shorten product R & D cycle: 3D printing can directly claim parts of any shape from computer graphic data without machining or any mold, which greatly shortens product R & D cycle, improves productivity and reduces production cost. In this "fast" standard production era, 3D printing technology can undoubtedly help manufacturers cope with the changing mouth of consumers Taste is extremely beneficial for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness.

    3D printer into toy manufacturing-02

    2. Personalized customization of toys is easier: as a major feature of 3D printing, personalized customization can naturally meet the needs of diversification, variety and personalization. No matter the current trend of toys, small toys, or even children's graffiti can be printed.

    3. New toy development: 3D printing can realize some very complex structures and machines, and develop toy forms that cannot be completed by traditional manufacturing methods, bringing new vitality and profit growth points to the toy industry.

    3D printer into toy manufacturing-04

    4. New toy sales model is possible: according to a report from Australia, "the future of 3D printing and manufacturing industry", 3D will change the retail model for technology. With 3D printing technology, toy manufacturers began to "deliver design, not products". It can be seen that the function of toy manufacturers has changed from manufacturing finished products to manufacturing toy design. Maybe in the future, consumers only need to select and buy their favorite toy design models at home, and then print out their favorite toys through 3D printers.

    Digitalization is the background of the manufacturing industry, and toy design has also developed towards digitalization and intelligence. Traditional design and manufacturing methods are difficult to meet the changing market demand. Shenzhen chuangxiang 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is an international famous 3D printer manufacturer. With 3D printer, you will find a complete set of solutions to make toy design simple, interesting and toy manufacturing efficient and high-quality.

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