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    3D printer has great help in epidemic situation, and can flexibly produce printing goggles
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been basically confirmed by the present. Besides the spread of droplets and contact, there may be a possibility of excretion of fecal oral transmission. For the general public protection, it is basically perfect to work away from the crowd at home, wash hands frequently, and wear masks when going out; and if there are suspected cases at home that need to be cared for, it is almost necessary for the caregivers to wear gloves, masks and goggles.

    printing goggles-3d-printer-01

    3D printing goggles for treatment and care of suspected, confirmed or severe cases.

    In terms of cost and efficiency, 3D printing goggles are certainly more effective than injection molding. In other words, injection molding produces goggles more quickly and cheaply. However, considering that the logistics and transportation have not been fully recovered, and the express logistics industry gives priority to Wuhan and major hospitals, the advantage of 3D printing flexibility is highlighted - small batch can be produced locally, meeting the daily use needs of dozens to hundreds of people. Moreover, the price of protective materials has increased, and the price of goggles has increased to 100 yuan. The cost of 3D printer is slightly higher, which can make up for the shortcomings.

    printing goggles-3d-printer-02

    Pictures show that the output of 3D printing can meet the needs of tens to hundreds of people every day

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