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    3D printer customized perfume bottle
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Last year, F1 Formula One racing, Parfums designers and Ross Lovegrove studios jointly launched a new perfume series, bold and innovative, using 3D printing metal perfume bottles to convey the excitement, passion, technology and vitality of formula one. For the first time in the perfume market, this perfume can make most F1 fans smell the charred rubber, brake fluid and wet asphalt.


    As we all know, packaging industry is one of the main users of 3D printing. Formula one F1 mainly uses 3D printing technology to produce racing parts, and dozens of application cases have been published. Designer Ross Lovegrove is also a big fan of 3D printing, presenting a unique 3D printing stool at Milan design week 2018. Now, the two sides work together to create this fascinating and unique product.

    The new perfume does not smell like burning rubber, but it smells similar. It uses black pepper, musk, bergamot, leather and other raw materials, so that people who smell perfume can catch the stimulation of epinephrine caused by Formula One racing car.


    The first fragrance is called agile embrace. Based on the principle of creating form from the fluid, the line conveys the sense of protection, which surrounds the interior of the design core, analogies to how the automobile structure surrounds and protects the driver with anatomical precision.


    The second perfume, known as fluid symmetry, originates from the evolving lines in the aerodynamic design of automobiles. This concept proves that the combination of physics and advanced materials in nature can produce a new form of technological biological aesthetics for twenty-first Century. It uses 3D printing + sandblasting titanium alloy to make the bottle body.


    The third fragrance is called compact suspension, which represents the spatial framework of the racing exoskeleton. The inner bottle body is suspended in the solid 3D printing geometry, and the engineering design of the advanced innovative structure is cited.


    The bottles printed by these 3D printers have a complex biological aesthetics, with an external frame protecting the internal fragrance chamber. The unique bones provide a strong sense of touch and visual experience, which is as complex as perfume inside.


    Considering that 44% of the F1 audience is female, this perfume even designed a perfume for women, which is lively, original and luxurious. When perfume is used up, the inner bottle can be replaced with a new one. This is done to protect the shape of the bottle, just as you protect the trophy, giving it the respect it deserves.


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