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    3D Printer Can Not Only Print Small Products But Also Print Big One
    03.10.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    3D printers can do more than you think, and the possibilities are infinite. Xiaobian takes you to learn about large-scale 3D printers here!

    The world's first 3D printing double-layer demonstration building launched in China

    3D Printer Can Not Only Print Small Products But Also Print Big One

    (Height 7.2m)

    The "world's first field 3D printing double-layer demonstration building" is a "building 3D printing technology research and application demonstration" demonstration project jointly sponsored by CSCEC research center and South China enterprises of CSCEC Second Bureau.

    Then someone will ask, how is this printed? In fact, the basic concept of large-scale 3D printer architecture is similar to that of ordinary printers.

    Printing body: we regard the metal frame around the building as the body of "printer"

    Print head: the "print head" of shotcrete is equivalent to the nozzle of ordinary printer. Printing materials with width of 5cm and thickness of 2.5cm are continuously ejected from the printing head one by one and stacked layer by layer to form the wall.

    Ink: the "ink" it emits is not ordinary concrete, but requires special configuration. The shotcrete of 3D printing building is similar to that of traditional building. It must be done immediately and without interruption.

    Printing paper: before construction, the steel cage is buried underground, which is equivalent to "printing paper".

    This is a 25 foot boat printed by a 3D printer.

    3D Printer Can Not Only Print Small Products But Also Print Big One-2

    "Although the ship itself is a project, it is mainly used to form a technology cluster to help Maine's shipbuilding companies explore how to use low-cost wood plastic to achieve large-scale 3D printing, thus bringing competitive advantages to the manufacturing industry," according to a message released by the University of Maine, which brings together the expertise of University of Michigan researchers and technical personnel and industry leaders in the maritime industry In order to further develop 3D printing and commercialize it more and more, thus benefiting the state's shipbuilding industry. With 3D printing of plastic materials and 50% of wood, molds and parts of ships can be produced faster and more economically than today's traditional methods. "

    There are more possibilities for large-scale 3D printers. Let's us to expect.

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