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    3D Printer Brings Home Factory Into Reality
    03.10.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    3D printer can be used to make all kinds of product prototype templates, from hairpin, toothbrush to car and airplane, all of which use 3D printing technology to make product prototype. Since 3D printing can be used to make prototypes of these products, why can't it be directly used to print out a real product? Of course, there are two major problems in the industrial production of 3D printing technology. The first is that the products printed are rough and poor in fineness, which need to be reprocessed; the second is that the printing speed of 3D printer is slow and the time cost of mass production is too high.

    But these problems are not problems for individual DIY users. DIY players print a product, because they don't need to mass produce it, and they have enough time to print only one product; secondly, they play with manual processing, and they don't need very fine appearance. In this way, for 3D printer players, the cost of printing a product is only the cost of consumables, the depreciation cost of 3D printer and electricity. At this time, as long as the price of a certain product is slightly higher, it is more cost-effective to print by yourself than to buy in the market. As for some expensive high-tech "toys", printing them with 3D printers will be much cheaper.

    3D Printer Brings Home Factory Into Reality-01

    Creality 3D printing UAV

    For example, the price of UAV that can shoot video is basically more than 2000 yuan. If the UAV community's open-source scheme is adopted, the UAV shell is made by using 3D printer and assembled with open-source customized electronic components, the cost can be controlled within 500 yuan. In addition to UAVs, there are various kinds of robots and novel small household appliances. Due to the small production volume of this kind of products, the cost of brand makers is not low. Capable of hand-made, not only lower cost, but also design their own unique performance.

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    3D printing UAV related accessories

    In theory, any open source product can be made by 3D printer in the future. If one day 3D printer technology advances to solve the problem of printing accuracy and surface treatment of products at low cost, the home factory that meets the personalized customization needs will be popularized. At this time, the same product can really achieve thousands of people and faces, never the same. In fact, the price of consumer 3D printer is very cheap now (the end-3s price of creative 3D is 1200 yuan). If the design threshold of 3D model can be reduced, many appliances / appliances in every family can be self-made and self used in the future.

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