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    3D Printer becomes the modern "Magic Pen of Ma Liang"
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    As a new technology in the field of rapid prototyping, 3D printing technology is a major technological revolution in the field of manufacturing industry, which is rapidly changing our traditional production mode and lifestyle. In fact, these high-tech and mysterious 3D printers begin to enter people's lives and are very popular. So, why does 3D printer become everyone's new favorite?

    1. As a child, everyone wanted to have a "magic Ma Liang" pen and draw any toys they liked. Nowadays, 3D printer can also print out all kinds of toys, all kinds of cars, anime and simple robots. In fact, the principle of 3D printer is very simple, which is similar to cake making. In short, no matter what you think, as long as you make it with 3D software, the input 3D printer can become an entity. The toys designed and printed by ourselves are more cool and fulfilling.


    2. As a simple, fast and safe creation technology, 3D printing can turn virtual into reality, abstract into concrete, and help us form innovative consciousness and thinking. It is an effective tool to cultivate creativity and imagination. We can print out all kinds of models according to our imagination to add fun to our life.


    3. Last year, the student representatives of the American summer camp gave the creative 3D cr-100 3D printer to the mayor of Winchester as a special transnational gift, which was affirmed and recognized by the mayor of Winchester. Creative 3D keeps innovating on the road of science and technology. Recently, cp-500 and intelligent module CP-01 won the honor of "Shenzhen letter of hand" brand products, and children's 3D printer cr-100 won the honor of "Shenzhen gift". 3D printer as a high-tech products to send family and friends face times great! Might as well you can try!

    With the development of the new era, home 3D printers are gradually popularized to thousands of households, and gradually accepted by the public or individuals. It is believed that in the near future, everyone can have their own 3D printers.

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