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    30 Horsepower Increase of Piston Power with 3D Technology
    03.04.2021 | creality3dpro | News

    3D printing technology is widely used in all walks of life because of its low cost and diversity of adaptation, and it is no exception in the automotive field. German luxury car brand Porsche directly uses 3D printing technology to manufacture engine pistons, and successfully increases the engine power composed of 3D printing pistons by 30 horsepower.

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    It is understood that recently, in cooperation with Mahler group and tongkuai group, Porsche has applied 3D printing technology to high stress driving parts for the first time. Now, it can produce high-performance engine piston of flagship GT2 RS with 3D printer for the first time.
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    As we all know, 3D printing technology is a printing technology that can realize any geometric shape by stacking raw materials layer by layer into prefabricated shapes. 3D printing technology can also be used to make engine piston which requires high strength and hardness. The pistons of the 911 GT2 rs are manufactured using a high-purity metal powder and laser metal fusion process. During the manufacturing process, the laser beam heats and melts the powder surface corresponding to the part contour.
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    There are several notable advantages to 3D printing pistons: each piston has been optimized in structure, so they are 10 percent less weight than the same forging pistons, and they have a closed, integrated cooling pipe that cannot be achieved with other technologies.
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    Thanks to these advantages, lighter pistons can increase engine speed, reduce piston temperature load and optimize combustion. This makes it possible for the 690 HP twin turbo engine of the 911 GT2 rs to be squeezed out again by 30 horsepower, while increasing thermal efficiency.
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    In an interview, Frank ickinger, a member of the advanced engine development division of Porsche, said in an interview that since the early 1990s, 3D printing technology has been used as prototypes in the plastic and metal development process. Today, this technology can be well industrialized. And the 3D printing technology is divided into three groups: ① product innovation: this means that we will focus on products, such as lightweight, functional integration, etc., especially for the special production such as small batch production and GT car. ② Process innovation: it means agile development, decentralized production, etc. ③ New business model: such as customized personalized products.
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