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    3-D printers and magnetic blocks are connected like magic
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News

    Whether it's your child or you, you may like to use a variety of complex building blocks to build the scene, but you may not have experienced the 3D printer magnetic block building blocks. The Tuvlaki team, headquartered in Greece, has developed innovative building equipment consisting of powerful magnetic systems. The bricks of the 3D printer can be used by users of various colors and shapes, and can be connected intelligently to create a complete and carefully designed environment.

    PLA/PHA of building blocks manufactured at Tuvlaki factory in Greece are made of "natural color depiction" and hand-made texture. Tuvalaki's team sees these devices as "the future of hobby building equipment", because users only need to put bricks close to each other and magnets will stick together.

    "We use Nd-Fe-B magnets, which lose only 2% of their magnetic force in 50 years, and they provide strong and secure connections. The smallest design and simple connections make Tuvlaki the best composite building system. We believe that you will enjoy Tuvalaki's amazing touch and architectural experience.

    Their website offers prices and shopping, as well as many impressive architectures, such as:

    Pyramids of Giza
    Machu Picchu
    The Parthenon
    Taj Mahal
    Inca Temple


    These modules print on the 3D printer at the same time, so that they can get all the returns of 3D printing from the aspects of design quality, speed and economy. Greek manufacturers are well aware that they are competing with legendary companies such as Lego Group and Hasbro. That's why their primary task is to provide high-quality products, which are both affordable and innovative, and are made in Greece, not outsourced to China.

    The company also plans to provide DIY services for printing tiles at home:

    Tuvalaki's team said: "We started using it as a hobby in 2018, and since then, everyone in these blocks has been impressed by various local events and festivals and wants to order some." "So we upgraded the design, simplified the process, and found a very simple way to integrate magnets into large production lines. After that, we are ready to start selling.

    creality-3d-printer-0902-32"Now we have the experience and infrastructure to make our products available to the majority of the population. This time, we are developing more complex buildings and more thematic departments. Our main future functionality (development has started, but is available for at least a year and a half) in this application, you will be able to see the instructions for each build set and create your own instructions.


    There are many different rotations on toys and building blocks, ranging from recycled CDs to other innovative building blocks toys, as well as a large number of 3D printer projects that actually use Lego building blocks.