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    2019 The first 3D printing community was built in Latin America in the world
    05.29.2019 | CC Collaborator | News

    On May 16, 2019, San Francisco-based design studio Fuseproject partnered with NewStory, a non-profit organization that helps the homeless, as well as ICON, a Texas-based construction technology company, which is scheduled to be common in the summer of 2019. Design, plan and build "the first 3D printing community in the world." The project was created to take advantage of the unique design possibilities of 3D printing to build a home for low-income communities in Latin America that fits their daily lives.

    YvesBéhar, founder of Fuseproject, said: "We are very pleased to work with NewStory to help the world's homeless people. I believe that the most advanced technology can provide solutions for the most needed equipment, and this is the new technology of ICON and today. A new vision that could be achieved." 3d printing manufacturing

    3D printing technology are needed to help the homeless

    The project was first launched by NewStory, an organization that studies technology breakthroughs in housing construction to address the global housing crisis, which has seen 3D printing as a viable solution to the problem. In 2018, NewStory and its partner ICON were able to perform 3D printing in Austin, Texas within 48 hours. As a proof of concept, the early iteration of ICON's Vulcan3D printer cost less than $4,000. 3d printing company

    Now, in partnership with Fuseproject, NewStory will use the latest Vulcan2 architectural 3D printer to produce homes in a secret location in Latin America, which is reported to cost only $6000 per building for about24 hours. The three organizations work closely with Latin American residents to understand the culture and environment of their communities. This is to ensure that 3D printed homes can adapt to the specific habits and needs of the community, beyond what traditional home design can do. The community is made up of most farmers , including multigenerational families living together. 3d printing

    The results of the community brainstorming process indicate that NewStory, Fuseproject and ICON needed to use 3D design to create housing to address “climate, family structure, etc.,” Béhar further explained: “When we talk to community members, we realize that The design of the house cannot meet the needs and expectations." 3d printing , 3d printing technology, 3d printing company, 3d printer
    Work with the community to design adaptable 3D printed houses
    Each 3D printed house covers an area of 120 square meters and the interior space of the house is about 55 square meters. Their outdoor design includes cooking and eating spaces, with the roof hanging over to the front and back, sheltering the sun, and preventing rain and adapting to the tropical environment. Due to the local climate and the environmental conditions of the seismic activity, the 3D printed houses have also been equipped with infrastructure technology and enhanced design, with additional reinforcement in the wall cavity.

    Home interiors have used 3D printing to implement built-in elements such as kitchen and bathroom counters, seating, wall shelves and ledges, and built-in structural hooks for building more home storage and cabinets. In 3D design, windows and door openings have been strategically placed on open floor plans to improve air flow. ICON's 3D printing technology also allows for the creation of curved walls with built-in details, no additional cost, and customizable options for personalization of the home. This allows families to feel the sense of ownership of the family and create a diverse array of buildings within the 3D printing community. 3d printing 

    The future of 3D printed homes

    3D printing of homes potentially allows for the manufacture of homes at a faster rate than traditional methods, which are said to take up to 3 weeks with less cost and material waste. These factors have made it possible to provide possible solutions for homeless and inadequate housing, as well as sustainable construction methods, thus increasing the intensity of the development process.
    For example, ICON has previously raised $9 million in seed funding to support its efforts with NewStory and Fuseproject to rebuild affordable homes using 3D printers. It was raised in 2018 and is said to be one of the biggest seed rounds of Texas startups that year.

    Organizations that use sustainable 3D printing to create sustainable housing include American construction company Suncomy. It was licensed in early 2019 to build its first 3D printed geopolymer-added house in LagoVista, Texas.
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