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    18 Amazing 3D Printing Applications in Home Decoration and Art Design
    03.18.2021 | Cherry Chen | News
    3D Printing revolutionizes the fashion and design industry. From 3D printed accessories, cosplay costumes, apparel, architecture, and daily consumables, all have transferred design muse into CAD files and print on demand. You can print everything as long as you know how to design. LET'S TAKE A LOOK.

    1. Amazing 3D printed faucet

    The gorgeous 3D printed faucet released by DXV consists of lattice, cuttings and laminated metal. It's of the unique shape, look, and texture. Made by SLS, this artwork is formed by metal powder that is bounded by a continuous selective laser beam for 24 hours under the computer's instructions. Post-processing work is also required, which includes hands-on sanding and polishing.
    2. 3D Printed Lattice Lamp
    Artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques adopt 3D printing technology to create their first lighting collection called Lacelamps. Comprised of two stunning lamps, each includes an intricate translucent lace pattern that's set against a glossy black bell. Once switch on them, the entire room is engulfed in the lamp's gorgeous pattern.

    3. Futuristic violin. An ultra-transformed violin

    Architects Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg of MONAD Studio are known for their cutting-edge architecture. They also work on art installations and product design. According to Goldemberg, "Our desire to create unusual instruments emerged when we realized the aesthetic and technical issues we were facing as architects did not differ much from those of musicians and composers". Their design concept is looking into the future.
    4. 3D Printed Light

    These lights are called Stalaclights, which is designed by Dutch designer David Grass. These 3D printed lights illustrate skyscrapers from different American cities like New York or Chicago in an artistic manner. The category of the series name-stalac lights-indicates the rapid city growth and increase of building height.
    5. 3D Printed High Heels

    These high-heeled shoes are co-designed by architecture and shoe designers and exhibited during Milan Design Week 2015. The resulting edgy shoe is rendered in nylon and soft rubber combined material, showcasing possible advancement in women's footwear.
    6. 3D Printed Scaled Human Confections

    FabCafe, a Japanese shop in Shibuya district is known for its sweet confections and the most creative ways by which they serve them. As early as 2013, they’ve used 3D scanning to inspire new confections experience. Their clients can use 3D scanning to have full-body replicas of themselves in the form of gummy bears.
    7. 3D Printed Cookies

    It can be a 3D printed cookie feast for Christmas. Ralf Hollies, a European product designer, has revealed a 3D printed cookies in his Gizmodo. These cookies patterns are initially designed in CAD software. Then simply put the customized 3D printer and dough to make the cookie. The only drawback is that you’ll lose some patterns during baking printed cookies. It’s not edible right off the print bed.
    8. Icing sugar

    These sculptures might be another inspiration for sweets and desserts artists. These dainty sugar confections are the work of husband and wife team Kyle and Liz von Hasseln. They formed shop in L.A. to create 3D printed confections. This is another great example for highly customizable properties of 3D printing.
    9. 3D Printed Sweets and Chocolate

    Back in 2015, 3D printed sweets and chocolate are made from the Sugar lab. These adorable sugar sweets and chocolates are produced by 3D printers that print with chocolate, sugar, and candy. They are not only gorgeous in exterior colors, geometries, and design but also have a great mixture in flavors, fragrance and tastes.
    10. Osteoid Medical Cast, Attachable Bone Stimulator

    This is another alternative method for healing broken or fractured limbs. This attachable bone stimulator Osteoid is made by a Turkish industrial designer, Deniz Karasahin. Conventional medical casts sacrifice ventilation for structural integrity. They also use 3D scan to get limb sizes and shapes and then decide the geometry of the printer depending on the medical situation.
    11.3DPrinted Wearable Planter Necklaces and Rings

    12. Bicycle Planter

    3D printing can also be made planters to bring lively plants with your journey. Get your ride often to make the plant live happily. This is also from wearable planters, designed by Colleen Jordan.
    13. A 3D printed vase named Fahz

    This vase is co-designer by American designer Nicholas Desbiens and Martha Desbiens. They show us how to make use of precision in 3D printing showcase the contour of human portrait. Against the dark backdrop, you can see two persons oppose each other face to face in simple graphical structure, giving viewers free imagination to get their feel.

    14. 3D Printed Business Card

    The business card is made by Studio Clam based in Barcelona. The card is made for Zoom BCN, a blog giving company. These plastic 3D-printed business cards recreate the graphic map of the city where the city is located.
    15. 3D Printed Prosthetics

    3D printing technology applied in prosthetics is not a wonder anymore. The leg is made by William Root. He also uses a 3D scanner to collect the necessary information to produce the limb. The material is made of titanium so it’s strong enough to hold the whole body.

    16. 3D Printed Gown

    This gown is tailored for well-known vaudeville artists, Dita Von Teese. Designer Francis Bitonti, Michael Schmidt cooperated to make the dress real. The dress is printed in 17 pieces, then were dyed, lacquered then hand-linked together and adorned with 13,000 Swarovsky Elements. What a stunning gown!
    17. 3D Printed Home Furniture

    Sometimes we made miniature sculptures to remember the past or to cherish something valuable and memorable. These are from Japan.
    18. 3D Printed Bow Tie

    3D printing can always realize complex geometry. The bow tie is from a Japanese brand named Monocircus. The dainty bow tie is hollow and the tidy black and matte texture makes it elegant, smart as well as intricate.
    Here’s a list of other bold 3D printed designs that can blow your mind.
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